Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Christmas tree

 It's a bit overdue, but seriously, who would ever thought it be so difficult to get a nice pic of the tree?

Our tree this year is a sight that makes this Mama happy,
It is still our old tree, already four years in use, older than Kecil herself,
With the same old decoration in red and gold, the very ones we bought after we got the tree,
Just with a slight twist to the placement.

This year, it's bottom heavy! (Do you notice the heavy concentration of red balls at the bottom of the tree?)

The tree this year is not only early,
It was also decorated in collaboration with the Little One, who has, finally, grasped the idea of this huge, nationwide celebration (oh, worldwide. But especially felt here, in a predominantly Christian/Catholic country), called Christmas.

In fact, the tree is also not ... stagnant.
For every now and then, this Mama would find bits and bobs from the tree ending up in various places around the house.
Courtesy of ... ahem... let's not call names, ya?

But it's a happy sight, our Christmas tree this year, as it totally signify yet another milestone in Kecil's growth.

How's your tree this year?

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