Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Pilots

There were days (usually Fridays) when Mama got a little fed up with staying at home for the millionth cleaning session and looked for better inspiration outside. It helps that sometimes the weather co-operates, providing the much needed mood booster in the form of light, beautiful light.
Not to mention a few gorgeous muses frolicking around, all ready to be Mama's next photo op!

There was no time to waste, no reason to not jump at the opportunity.
These girls, they are old hands at walkies with Mama, the Dog and the camera.
They know the rules of the road, and they do not mind Mama clicking away.
So ... why not just follow on autopilot? Or rather, Little Pilots?

We had some difficulty starting off. The scuttle involved some to and froing into the house to get the necessary 'gear' for walkies: drink, bottle, bags to bring the bottles...
But we finally made off with the girls leading the way: up the slope, through the trees, round the fence and everywhere...

... ending up at the playground, as usual.
Hmm... I guess the attraction of a nearby playground is undeniable when you are little girls walking with a friend, a Mama and a Dog in tow, huh?
Anyway, we did have a good time. Mama even got some pretty amusing bits of conversation. Not to mention lots a pic, resulting in THIS very blog post!

Thank you, Ami and Kecil for being Mama's 'autopilot' for the day!
Here's for more walkies together, enjoying the late afternoon light, fresh air and good company!

The quality of light in late afternoon such as these has always been one of Mama's obsession, even in the days before the Big Camera. The Golden Hour, the folks in the photography circles call it. It's a beautiful, beautiful hour to be out and about, with or without little ones and dogs.
If you haven't enjoyed it, go out and try it at the first opportunity! It does not happen everyday, you see, so when it happens, you really should jump at the chance. Who knows what you might get out of it? Fabulous pictures, new friend, or even just simply a fantastic mood.

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