Monday, March 5, 2012

Field trip: going

Field Trip2

Field Trip5
All my bags are packed....
Field Trip13
I'm ready to go ...
For the Field Trip this year, we went to the same spot as we did last year, the beach.
Of course, it is good that we already know what to expect, which means that Mama is more prepared with all the packing. Float for swimming, bucket and implements for playing in the sun, sunscreen to block the harsh sun light... and of course, the big big camera to document all the coming and going.
But first, of course, we had to meet all the other participants in Skool before moving together as a group to the venue.

Field Trip15

Field Trip31

Kecil & Tonya

The kids were brimming with energy and anticipation, but they settled with playing with each other while we wait for the party to be complete.

Field Trip58

Upon arrival, we have even more pictures to snap, all thanks to these extremely photogenic Girls.

Field Trip80

Field Trip82

Field Trip84

And as usual, the first thing that occupy the Little One's attention was the playground.

Field Trip79

Field Trip88

But she was not the only one,
Even if the rest of the party seems to be able to keep their distance from the said attraction.

In any case, we'll continue in the next post, just so we'll have a manageable number of pics for each post. We'll still have to cover the swimming pool, the beach, even the lunch and the OTHER playground.
We'll see you around.

Field Trip93

From last year's Field Trip: Goingthe Poolthe Beachthe Afternoon, & wrapping IT up

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