Thursday, March 22, 2012

Visits: Walkies & Bye bye!

The good weather continued to hold through the duration of Tante's stay, and with no more destinations planned, we went on our normal walks in the late afternoon, enjoying the beautiful light and company, while Kecil went on with her flower gathering routine.

Among other things, we walked, and took pictures, every one of us: Mama, Tantes and even Kecil!

Kecil Shot

Mama shot Tante shooting

Mama shot
And all too soon, it was time again to make the long trip to Manila to send Tantes off. We stopped along the highway to get some gifts for the Tantes to bring home, a chance that was used by Kecil to explore the nearby playground.

It was a pretty tiring trip, so there weren't many pics this time round.
But all in all, we had a good time with the two Tantes, and we look forward to many more visits from the family. Until next time, Tante!

(and hopefully no more fighting over gadgets next time!)

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