Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Field trip: Lunch!

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Field Trip170

Field Trip173

And so it was lunch time.
But as we walked towards the lunch venue, we passed some beautiful view,
as well as some distraction in the form of hanging bridges.
So, of course Kecil had to stop and try the bridges first.

Field Trip175

It's good to see that after a year, her coordination had definitely improved,
and she's so much more confident in handling the obstacle course.
(Not many beach photos from last year due to some problems with the camera. The camera was still brand-spanking new that time, remember?)

In any case, we soon reached the lunch venue, where Kecil was served a kiddie platter while Mama got to enjoy some delicious food from the buffet spread.

Field Trip181

Field Trip185

It was a good, good lunch, especially in the company of friends for chats, giggles and, of course, pictures!

Mama's tip: In a buffet situation, it's good to stack up your food at one shot and feed the kid as soon as possible, cos the Kid has very short attention span when it comes to food.

True to Mama's tip above, she soon found something else more interesting to do.
Like organizing a pretend puppet show. 

Field Trip189

Field Trip198

Field Trip199

It was actually some beach sofa with some curtains/awning to block the sun. But it was a good place to play for the kids.
And as for the quasi-puppet show?
This Mama thinks they deserve some points for coming up for such a fantastic backdrop, no?

And look at who else was there to make use of the backdrop:

Field Trip206

Why, it's the photographer/Mama, of course!

Field Trip212

Field Trip226

Field Trip245

The "puppet show" went on for a while, at one point even involving a few other kids as well, but soon we were back in the fray at the obstacle course with Kecil working her way all the way to the head of the line.
She's feisty, that one.

That's all for this post. We'll continue in the next post on the afternoon activities.
In the meantime, check out the links below for the rest of the series.
Until later!

Field Trip270

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