Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Field trip: the morning...

Field Trip95

Field Trip100

Field Trip104

Just like last year, the first activity for the day was to swim at the Children's pool.
And so we got to see the various swimming implements that were brought along to ensure that the kids have a good time.

Field Trip129

Field Trip13

Field Trip12

Thanks to the float, we actually managed to try out the bigger pools as well this year, even if we did not stay too long thanks to the sun.

Field Trip16

Field Trip18

Soon enough, the sight of sand and shadows under the coconut trees lured the girls to abandon the pools in favor for building some sand castles in the shade.
This was actually the first time Kecil showed any interest in playing in the sand without getting hysterical over her feet getting dirty, so it was definitely a good thing!

Field Trip155

Field Trip143

Next item in the agenda was some mass games. The kids were issued colored bandanas as they were divided into groups. One look at the dress up chest, however, Kecil declared that she was too scared to join in the game. And so we went off looking for refreshments: plain cold water.

Field Trip169

Field Trip159

And we sat off the big pool, under the shade, and just chilled while enjoying the view.

Field Trip163

As we were chilling, we noticed that the rest of the group had finished their games and were moving in the general direction of the restaurant.
It was time for lunch!
We'll cover that in the next post. Hopefully you had a good one today!

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