Saturday, March 17, 2012


Straight from the field trip, we got some company who had to be picked up from the capital.
Mama's two sisters were here for the week!

It was a late night/early morning flight, so we had to leave the house while it was dark (and stayed dark through the drive for quite a while!).
On the way back, we also had to slog through the madness that was the capital TRAFFIC.

Good thing we brought a few things that kept Kecil occupied during the trip. That was just Kecil playing with Mama's camera phone, but not pictured, she was also pretty busy 'fighting' with her Tante over the iPad games and Tante's iPhone. Let's just say they provide a pretty amusing entertainment for Mama & Daddy at the front seat. Haha...

Now as we were all tired from the early morning start, the long flight, the field trip and whatever nots, we spent the day basically at home, chilling, fighting for playing games on the iPad (ha!), setting up the various  gadgets we all owned, and resting.

Not to worry, the Tantes and Kecil did managed to get some going around done, but perhaps that will wait until the next post. We'll see you around!

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