Friday, March 9, 2012

Field trip: Afternoon Activities

Field Trip232

Field Trip290

Among other things, the afternoon was spent again exploring the playgrounds.
I suppose when you are 3 years old, exploring playgrounds carries as much importance as breathing, or something like that.
But of course, there were other activities already lined up.
Like making kites:

Field Trip292

Field Trip300

Field Trip301

Well... so.. since the process of making was a bit involved, we are just sharing the end results here.
We also did manage to bring the kite to the beach and Mama had a hand in getting the kite airborne. It actually flew, if for a while only before the string came off. I guess it was not tied quite properly.

Field Trip358

Field Trip359

Here was Kecil's Skool friend trying to untangle her kite from the tree.

Field Trip361

And Kecil watching, fascinated.

Field Trip354

She soon went back to more important matters at hand though.

Field Trip368

Field Trip375

The other set of activities involved the few things shown in the pictures above:
Cupcake decorating!

Field Trip371

Unfortunately, it would seem that a certain boy's iPad is more interesting than the task at hand. 

Field Trip381

Well, but they all did all right with the cupcake.
While we were suppose to enjoy the cupcakes, however, Kecil's friend actually came up with a pair of paddles and a ping-pong ball, and so Kecil ran off to play instead of attending to her (decorated with Mama's help) cupcake.
And so Mama too ran off after grabbing the camera to keep an eye on those two.

And so ends this part of the series for now.
We'll continues (and hopefully round up) in the next post.
In the meantime, should you be interested in the rest of the series, both from last year and this year, you can simply click on the links listed below.

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