Thursday, March 15, 2012

Field trip: final images

Field Trip392

No trip to our field trip destination is complete without any picture of the ducks,
and so here it is.
Around early evening was apparently the time when these ducks get fed.
A few students (and Mamas) noticed the ritual and started 'interfering' with the staff effort.
Privately convinced that large number of kids and proper care of animals don't quite mix, this Mama is very relieved when the staff wisely decided to move the feeding venue away from the kids.
But we had some good time watching (and feeding) some of the ducks.

Field Trip452

Lastly, of course, no field trip is complete without the very last visit to the playground.
And so, here it was. The Kid wildly careening out of the chute.

We had some really good time with this year's field trip, and we would really thank the Skool and the in-house staff for arranging everything so well.

Kecil and Mama would also like to thank both Curtis and Cuther's Mamas for giving us rides to and from the beach back to town.

Field Trip467

It was a very good field trip.

And for the whole listing of Field trip posts:
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Thank you for following Kecil's stories on her Field trip. Let's see what other kind of stories are coming up soon.

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