Friday, March 23, 2012

Swimwear preview

It was sunny and hot that day, and since we just got a new swimming suit for Kecil, we decided to go out for a swim, both for the photo-op opportunity and for cooling down.

Kecil gamely grabbed her toy and her float, and we walked past the flowers to the pool.

Can you spot Mama's shadow taking pics?

Final verdict for the new swimsuit:
It's a cute and convenient one-piece, with cute flowers and beads and all.
Just too bad that with the pink color (which Kecil loves!) it no longer co-ordinate with her float.
That's really minor, no?
So yes, we really do love the suit. Thank you, Eyang!

Here's a cheer for many more good weather days for swimming and showing off the suit!

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