Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Army dress

The swimming suit was not the only gift from Eyang that she trusted to Kecil's Tantes to bring over. Among other things, she sent this camouflage pattern dress for Kecil, as well as the purple batik you saw on the visits post.
There was a bit hesitation on Kecil's part when Mama pushed this dress on her (it would have been such a waste were she to outgrow her clothes before wearing them, no?).
After that purple batik, she has been a bit averse to dresses which are too long, but we managed to get her into the dress.

And when Mama took out her camera.... boy oh boy does the girl turn into a kid model in an instant!

And so we had a bit of fun in taking pics this morning. The photo op was soon followed with a trip to the market (shopping!) with Kecil carrying her Dora pencil case as her 'purse'.
It would seem that Kecil loves her Camo dress. I'm glad. Especially since we still have a pair of Camo pants that I need to convince her to wear. Perhaps soon.

Here's to more photoops, both Mama shots and Kecil shots. Until then!

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