Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Visits: Manila part 2

The journey from Intramurros to Makati took quite a while, and Kecil actually managed to sleep along the way. So since Mama was carrying Kecil during the trip, no pics. Thank goodness we soon arrived at our destination, and Kecil woke up. Mama's hand was getting totally numb. (In fact, it took about 3 days for the pain to go away, but that's a different story)

Makati, as the 'center of civilization', has a totally different feel from the area surrounding Intramurros.

The beautiful late afternoon sun did help in making the scene even more beautiful.
Still, I guess one can still get lost even in Makati. Especially when  you are just a little girl with a penchant for wearing a certain non-descript cat on your clothes and shoes. Hmm....

We saw weird trucks and funny buildings, and Kecil got a hit from pressing all the pedestrian buttons at every junction. Soon, we managed to find our way to Greenbelt, where we just sat down and rest our tired feet. Kecil, however, managed to find her own form of entertainment.

The water fountain! Indeed. It's funny how little boys and girls are always attracted to water. Here's an old picture of Kecil in this exact same spot:

Those, I believe, were taken like about 2 years back. Nowadays, Kecil's game has gotten more sophisticated:

... complete with testing the waters, a new friend, even taking off her shoes and rolling her pants to prevent them from getting wet. Good thing too, because nowadays, Mama does not carry extra pair of clothes for her. She's a big girl already. 
Look, she even can take a picture of Mama taking a picture of her:

Well, after Greenbelt, basically we met up with Daddy, had dinner and made our way home. It was a good, tiring day out. But the Tantes are still around, so stay tuned for more stories of Tantes' visit. Cheers!

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