Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recognition ceremony

Were you wondering a bit about the erratic posts lately? Indeed Mama and Kecil had been a bit preoccupied. And the fact that Skool is over is so not helping with Mama's schedule.
But yes, Skool is over. We are now officially on summer break, even if nature have not seem to realize it yet (we still have plenty of cold winds and dark clouds around!).
And to mark the end of the Skool term, we had recognition ceremony, just like last year.

It's funny how as we are now in our third year in this location, we are already clocking quite a few recurring events such as this recognition ceremony, the food festivals (this year and last year), the field trips (this year and last year), even our epic holidays (this year and last year). But that was just this Mama speaking. Back to the recognition ceremony, we did not have it in Skool as the Skool community had greatly increased in size since last year, and so we had it in a rented venue near Kecil's house.

As it happened, Kecil had that paper crown of hers lying around in the house as we were getting ready. No escaping it, we ended up with a paper-crowned princess this year. The good part? Daddy managed to make it this time round, from the beginning!

Having had another recognition ceremony under her belt, Kecil is pretty confident this time round, less confused with all the hulabaloo. Look, she even agreed to pose next to the balloons for Mama!

And after taking a good look at her certificate, she went on to show off to her friend.

Look at the proud Daddy showing off Kecil's medals:

And some scenes around the room:

As usual, the highlight of the ceremony was the students' performance. This time round, Kecil did not freeze up in action, she was actually dancing happily and following the teachers' instructions. It was such a great sight to see, and it was so worth jostling with the rest of the proud parents for the best position to see the kids doing their stuff.

This Mama had decided to simply enjoy the moment instead of stressing over documentation. (Well... actually that was a lame excuse. Let's just say Mama got a bit teary eyed at the sight, hm?) But it was really good. I am so looking forward to more of the kind.

Well, Kecil, this Mama and Daddy are definitely very proud of you. With the summer holidays started, Mama might have to do more of entertaining the Little One and perhaps we'll be less present in this space as we go out to enjoy each other company and the weather, whatever it may be.
Cheers and until next time!

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