Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Epic Holiday

Kecil & Christmas lights
With Skool safely over (and Mama's deadlines safely postponed to another date), we embarked on our Epic Holiday. You see, as the year end approached, we realized that Daddy still have plenty of days off left, plus a set of ticket allowance to go home as a family. Combined with Oma's recent encounter with the hospitals, we decided it was a good time to have a long holiday at home, to meet the family while also letting Kecil learn a few things about her home country.
It was a pretty long holiday, the result of which was our Missing episode from this space.
But well... we are back now, Mama with her own computer and reliable internet connection (no more taking turns to go online, yey!), so hopefully over the next few days we can go through the pics and the stories of the epic holiday, peppered with some recent stories here and there as well. Hope you'll enjoy the ride along!

Mama & Kecil behind the Christmas tree

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