Friday, January 27, 2012

Epic Holiday:The Saga of the White Horses

The story was that, as we first arrived in Solo, right outside the train station, we were greeted with a sight of delman and its horse, one of them being the one pictured above. Not shown in the picture was actually another delman with two white horses strapped on. Somehow, these horses manage to 'haunt' us for the rest of our sojourn in Solo as Kecil insisted on a ride with "white horse!".

We actually did not find the said horses on the first day, but on the second day, we made a point of looking for one before we set off for the day's activities. And what do you know, we actually found PINK carriages pulled by a WHITE horse! It can't get better than that, and so Kecil set off for her ride with Mama.

And that was the end of it, right? Wrong.
We did continue with our plans for the day after the ride. But the saga did not end there. (It wouldn't be a saga were it be so short, no?)
The following day was a free and easy day, waiting for our scheduled flight to Jakarta, so we went to explore the city a bit on foot.

We tried the roadside delicacies, we walked under the sun (well, Mama and Daddy walked while Kecil sat on Daddy's shoulder), and we found ...

... a pair of statues Kecil declared to be her White Horses! Let's just say she was very happy with Mama's idea of taking her pic with the said statues. She wouldn't stop looking at the photo on our way back to the hotel.

(and the saga continues...)

As it turn out, however, the statues were in place as the city was hosting the 2011 ASEAN Para Games. In fact, the games were held exactly at the sport facilities that we circled around as we rode the horse carriage the day before. The statues are actually the mascot for the games, AND they are NOT horses, but komodos!

Image from here
Hilarity ensues as Mama and the Tantes figured out the ... ahem... misconception. But I guess we are still keeping Kecil in the dark and let her be with her interpretation. Perhaps someday in the future we will correct the story for her, but in the meantime, I will let her cherish her time with the Horses.

And so ends the Saga. I hope you enjoy it!

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