Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Hunting

Last Sunday, we went a-hunting.
Somehow, with all our loot from the holidays (and some that Mama and Daddy bought out of sheer necessity), Mama & Daddy's bedroom had become a dangerous place full of tangly mess of cables of various gadgets charging.
It was decided, then, that we should have a charging station to prevent any accident.
But of course, such a hunt cannot proceed on empty stomach, so... for our first stop that day... McDonald's!

Well, OK, so there was no pic of food except for Kecil's ice cream, but as usual, when food is on the table, Mama is usually too .. ahem... busy to be bothered with pics. Let's just say it was a good breakfast, yes? And as the first furniture shop did not yield anything interesting, we thought why not take a break by visiting the park full of airplanes, first?
And so we did.

The city of Clark, Pampanga, used to be a US Air Force base, back in the days before the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Nowadays, it hosts the Clark International Airport, which is the base airport for many flights around the region including Singapore, Hongkong, Cebu, as well as Incheon (South Korea). There are still many signs of the Air Force presence there, including this park with many airplanes-turned-memorials.

There was even a helicopter there! But the biggest hit with Kecil was this airplane on the short stand that made it look as it it were flying. As you can see, Kecil soon pretended that she was flying as well!

And everybody else, including Mama and Daddy....

We also hit some of the playground facilities located around the park before we moved on with our search for the perfect charging station.
The search went on for the rest of the day and brought us to further places including San Fernando. But we did manage to find the perfect table/station that actually double up as a hidden laundry hamper.

And hence our laundry hamper cum charging station cum printer desk now proudly stands at one corner of Mama and Daddy's room.
T'was a good, productive, fun Sunday.

We do hope you had a good weekend too!

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