Thursday, January 19, 2012

Epic Holiday: the Begining

Any journey, no matter how epic, starts with the first step. Just so with our Epic holiday.
So... for the first step, we had to go through the morning flight at the airport, which means 'kidnapping' the Kid from her slumber while it was still dark, making the one-hour-trip to the nearest international airport under the stars, and sleepily navigating the various counters just to get on board our flight.
Somehow, that day, Kecil, who had been prepped about her upcoming journey, woke up easily and was soon dressed up and ready to go. She's excited about the trip, all right.

So, once we were done with all the pesky administrative stuff, we bought our drinks, took pictures, and board the plane when the call was made.

Last sight of the airport 
Kecil did come prepared for the wait for the plane to take off.

Thanks to all her Skooling, Mama can even put Kecil in charge of filling the immigration forms (hehe).

After which, it was time to relax while watching her favorite show, the Baa.

We made one stopover, in Singapore, where Mama and Daddy rushed out of the airport for a chance to slurp some delicious dishes of their days of living there. Kecil, while none to bemused by the strange dishes, was certainly enjoying the clean environment as well as the chance to explore the City State using public transport with her Mama and Daddy.

Playing while waiting for the bus, after which she urgently plead "Need to wee, Mama!"
Good thing the bus stop was right in front of a posh hotel!

Admiring the indoor decor at the airport

Taking a ride on the (empty) luggage trolley

We had a great time overall, through the first flight, the stop over, even the connecting flight to Surabaya later on. 
We'll not mention the name of the full-service airline which was the connecting flight, but Mama was definitely quite indignant that Kecil's food turned out to be WAY better than the adult fare. And of course, being special meal, they were served first! 
I'd say perhaps the kids meal option is something worth going into the next time I fly. Hmmm....

Check out the Kid's meal: Kit Kat, Milo, fruits, perfectly done vegs on chicken and potatoes ... all served on priority.

No pics of the adult meal, unfortunately, since Mama was so ravenous by the time food was served, it was gone before any pics were taken. But we did not get any Milo, nor Kit Kat! And the poor broccoli was practically resurrected from the grave or something, after being boiled to death. Sigh.

Well.. Kids have it good these days. 

So... we'll see you on the next installment of the Epic Holidays. Hope you're enjoying it so far.

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