Saturday, January 21, 2012

Epic Holiday: 2nd Stop

As part of our extensive itinerary this holiday, we were invited to tag along Eyang Putri who is teaching in a conference in the city of Solo, about an hour flight from Surabaya. Given the availability of an extensive rail network, as well as Kecil's fascination for choo choo trains, we decided to take the train instead.
Along with Mama and Daddy, we also have with us Tante  and  Eyang Kakung for the ride.

It can get pretty overwhelmingly crowded, especially during boarding the train, so Kecil was come prepared... with a matching T-shirt with Tante, just in case she get lost or something, you know?
Don't they look adorable?

We arrived early at the station, just because we would not want to miss the train. Trains, as you know, often only stops at a particular station for mere minutes before it continues its journey onward. So... it's best not to take chances. In the meantime, we had fun admiring the station architecture, as well as a fuel train passing by.

The station, one of the two(!) train station in Surabaya, serves quite a few train network, hence the multiple rail lines.It looks beautiful in the morning.
There was a rush once the train arrived and people hurried to board the train and take their seats. Here's the inside of the executive car:

It's a bit old and not quite state of the art, but hey... it's pretty comfortable, and Kecil got to ride in a choo choo, no? There are food that you can buy from the restaurant staff. Unfortunately for Kecil, true to Indonesian taste, most of them are a tad to spicy for her!

The ride last about 4 hours from Surabaya to Solo. With no electronic entertainment provided in the train, we all resorted to our own stuff:

Like Daddy's and Eyang's iPad! It was certainly a hit with Kecil. Later on, Kecil did manage to fall asleep (we woke her up very early to catch the train, so I guess she was sleepy) and Mama sorted some photos on the computer.
We'll continue with our sojourn in Solo in the next post. In the meantime, should you notice, yeah, Mama seems to be missing from all the pics. I'd say! But Mama was there, really. Next time I really should try better to be in the pics. Haha...


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