Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Visits: Manila part 1

The day following Kecil's Tantes' arrival, Daddy had to attend a meeting in his office in Manila, and so we trooped back into the rented car and drove back to Manila, a day after taking the very same expressway.
We did, however, bring the various gadgets along to entertain the kid during the long ride.

Upon reaching Daddy's meeting place, we parted company: Daddy went for his meeting, while Mama, Tantes and Kecil went off to explore the city. To be precise, we wanted to visit the walled city, or Intramurros, and since we left the car with Daddy (there is no way Mama was going to drive in Manila, yet), we took the LRT.

Mama got scolded for trying to take pics inside the station, so here's one Mama took surreptitiously while the guard was looking away.

Guess who was in charge of navigation?

Following the recommendation of Mama's travel bible (and after failing to cover reasonable distance on foot with Kecil in tow), we took the kalesa to go around the city.

Not only the kalesa is big enough to take all four of us, plus one driver (note: 3 big of us. Mama and Tante's are not exactly small, you know!), it was also pretty! And since it was not as fast as motorized vehicle, we did manage to take quite a few nice pics along the way.

The driver even stopped at picturesque spots (according to him) so that we can take pics.

Well... I guess the driver did know what he was talking about. The pics did turn out all right, no?

Soon it was time to go back to meet up with Daddy, so when we finished the kalesa tour, we took pedicab and made our way back to the nearest LRT station.

Pedicabs, unlike tricycle, are manually pedaled. So Mama was again able to take a few pic, including the one below of Tante's pedicab following ours:

T'was great fun, but we were not done yet as Daddy's meeting was extended.
After Intramurros, we actually took sometime exploring Ayala and Greenbelt Mall in Makati. But perhaps we'll continue with that in the next post.
Until then, and before we part, let me just share Mama's favorite pic of the day:

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