Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Epic Holiday: The Cathedral

As part of the Christmas traditions, we flocked to attend Christmas mass on Christmas Day. Giving special consideration to Oma's health condition, however, we agreed to attend the quieter mass at the end of the day, already towards the end of Christmas day. Somehow the arrangement worked out beautifully, the sparse attendance lending the mass a much more solemn air, a wonderful atmosphere that we all enjoyed.

Kecil behaved very well throughout the mass, and at the end of the mass, we took a mass photo at the crypt. I do believe, however, that the biggest highlight for Kecil that day was lighting the candle at the statue of Mary.

Encouraged by the night's success, we came back the following morning for the children's mass.

It was quite good, and I believe Kecil did quite enjoy it. However, it was definitely longer, noisier, and less solemn that the night before. (Especially when you are taking pics and making paper airplane instead of listening to the sermon... hmm... not a very good sign)

Ah well, but at least we did attend Christmas mass at the Cathedral. Twice. Mama does love that church.

Anyway, we'll cover the rest of our Christmas celebration in another post. Here's hoping to finish the rest of our Epic Holidays coverage before Valentine's day!

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