Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mama dreaming...

Just as any parent, this Mama also often wonder what this Little One would be when she grows up.
A business woman? An actress? A professor (like her grandad)?
Or even a concert pianist?

The last, not quite due to some unfulfilled desire on Mama's behalf, but more thanks to a 'performance' Kecil gave at the park on our walkies.
A performance on the park bench, no less.

2012-02-08 at 17-13-06
Complete with some practice at waving at the watching fans...

2012-02-08 at 17-15-48
Clapping at her own performance ...

2012-02-08 at 17-15-45
Even blushingly (and with perfect grace) accepting the audience's shower of attention...

I'd say, if nothing else, she's ready to hit the Oscar's,
Except for that pair of rubber slippers. Hmmm...

But for what it's worth, Kecil,
Let this Mama say it here, that whatever you want to be, what you are going to be,
We, your Mama & Daddy, are here to support you to the best of our abilities.
All we hope is that you'll find great happiness and joy
In whatever path that you chose,
whatever it may be.

Let me put this here just so you can hold me accountable,
Just in case as parents we revert to ... well... being mere humans,
Just so we can go back to the drawing table when we need to,
And figure out how we are moving forward.
Someday, Kecil, someday...

Be still my heart, for no matter what, 
I do know that it's a day that comes closer day by day,
A day when I no longer hold this Little One as merely my little one anymore
But as a full equal...

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