Thursday, February 16, 2012

To & Fro: Skool


We are very lucky, indeed, that, although the Skool is located at some distance away from home, the timing is such that most of the time Daddy can drive us to Skool. 
The ride itself, while sometimes quite uneventful, is usually long enough just in case Mama still need to feed/put on shoes/comb hair of Kecil's. Seriously.
(Then when Mama start driving, Kecil started appearing in Skool with uncombed hair. Ha!)

Going home from Skool, however, is totally another matter.
There are times when the car is not available, Daddy had to entertain clients, etc, that most of the time we just took public transport.
The ride is even longer, but I guess we have learnt to enjoy it.

We have, for example, made quite a few friends who took the same daily ride.

Lately, Kecil had developed some fascination for the door opening/closing mechanism, and she now likes to sit next to the door, to be put in charge for closing the door.



Oh yeah, that's my girl, all right.


And her pretty Mama, of course.

So for all the distance that we have to travel each day, going to and fro, me thinks it's been a great Mama Kecil bonding time, time for her to ask all her whats and whys, and tell her stories from Skool, time for Mama to tell her stuff, to show here stuff.

Here's for more opportunities like these, as well as an awareness, for the blessings that we have.


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