Friday, February 17, 2012

Grey weather

Walkies 017

Cloudy, grey skies is usually not Mama's real preferred weather to go out for walkies, lugging a camera to boot!
But when you have a bossy little girl who does not take no as an answer,
(plus that nagging feeling that a walk will do me a whole lot of good in my moody state)
Mamas around the world just grit their teeth and follow.

And it was a good thing too. 
Mood improved, Kecil got to play, and you all got some pics.
Everyone's happy.

Kecil sliding

Very HAPPY, I'd say!

There are only a few playgrounds near the house, so if you think you recognize the site from previous post, you are quite right. It was also a conveninet location, right across the nearest grocery store.
Walkies 004 What's with the face, you might ask. Frankly, I have no idea myself.

Walkies 024
Kecil then moved on and almost gave me a heart attack as she lost her footing and dangled from the slide's railing for a while.
Thank goodness nothing happened, because, as she proudly declared later, Kecil held on tight.
Oh, yes, you did, indeed, my little, strong one. You did. And Mama is so very proud of you.

We had a good time in the park, almost despite the grey skies, and Mama came home with a reminder of a forgotten lesson:
Whatever the situation, it would always work out better when you embrace it rather than lamenting the lack of the so-called perfection.

Today is another day with grey clouds and no sun, but rather than lamenting the weather, perhaps we'll go and grab the chance when the temperature is cooler to spend some time with friends outdoor, something that might not work on a very hot, sunny day.
We'll see, we'll see.

How's the weather on your side and how does your plans today embrace the situation?
Walkies 006

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