Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Pink Bubble gun


Sometimes, as a parent, there are just things, toys, stuff, that you just buy simply because.
Because the Little One wants it.
Because she begged and cried and generally created mayhem as you tried to do your grocery shopping, or back then, as was the case, last minute Christmas gift shopping.
Because it was pink and kind of cute.
Because it does not use any battery.
Because I know she does love her bubbles.


The good thing is that I turned out right. She does love her bubbles.
Even if it took some effort to get used to the mechanical function.
Just take a look at that look of concentration on her face.
And then the brain behind that lovely face started working and concocting mischief.


A few days later, Mama thought she saw something small fell off from the gun.
Thought nothing of it, but as she tried using the gun, it got stuck! 
And Mama thought, "Cheap stuff!"
And even bought Kecil a replacement gun, this time with battery
(out of sheer dumbness! Did not notice that the new gun required a battery)

Yesterday, while loitering around the house, Daddy picked up the gun, and upon finding that it did not work, sat down to get the gun disassembled and fixed.
Guess what had been preventing the gun to work?
Some unpopped corn stuffed inside the gun.
Hmm... I wonder who was responsible for that.....


So now that the gun is fixed, Kecil ends up with TWO bubble guns!
I guess we are looking at many bubbly days ahead.
All thanks to Kecil and her popcorns!
Ah well.


Disclaimer: Although names have been changed to protect privacy, Mama can assure you that this is Kecil's true story, and not a figment of Mama's imagination. But you already know that I only tell real Kecil stories here, right?

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