Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sub-urban Photography

Little Girl, Graffiti & tall grass
With our week currently composed of 5 days of Kecil School and Saturdays of Mama School, Mama just realized that the opportunity to go out and learn to use her new toy is quite limited indeed.
So when Sunday came about with Little Girl, Mama and Doggie all awake pretty early, we took off carrying the new toy and went to take some shots.
Ahem, this is of course the heart of the contention that resulted in that fabulous photo shared a few days back.
But well.. we had fun, with just a couple of photos and some learning.
We do look forward to the next weekend where we might stretch ourselves even more.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Little Girl being pushed on her bike. Hmmpph!

Still with the Graffiti

Stop hiding behind those huge lenses, Mama!

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