Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the aggrieved party

For all the grumblings and the yawning and the rushed morning routines related to Kecil Skool,
Apparently there is still one more who is unhappier still about the whole thing,
And boy, she was showing her grief big time!

Just the other day, we came home (right on one of Mama's slightly not well day, no less), to find these:

The Ami doll, just because her curly hair looks like Ami's
Not on the pretty white cloth, of course.. more like... scattered on the floor. Ahem.
And there was Mama, hoping that she could hide the pieces before Kecil took notice.
Yeah right. No such luck. Kecil noticed the pieces immediately.
In fact, she was the one who found the rest of the body, which I was vainly trying to find while cleaning the rest of the pieces.

Oh the tears, the quivering lips, and the frail wail that ensued....
So broke my heart I have no more heart to do anything to the culprit save for an if-look-can-kill kind of glare.
And since Mama was feeling slightly off that day (and therefore incapable of dealing with high street theatrics) she resorted to distraction, by way of opening the Barbie meant for Kecil's 3rd birthday there and then. Ahem.
Of course, proper precaution have been taken to prevent a similar fate to the Ami doll.
Barbie's current permanent home (at night and when the dog is alone in the house) is the upstairs cabinet, the one the Dog can't reach.

Yet another day, we came home and went upstairs to find the whole toilet paper roll in the bathroom unrolled messily on the bathroom floor.
And half eaten pampers in front of the bathroom door.
No picture of these, not because it was gross (it was not, really),
But with the Kid shouting on top of her lungs "Eann'y! BAD!" non stop, I have other priorities than going downstairs to take the camera and take photos.

The Dog, begging for snack
I suppose maybe we should shower the Dog with attention. Maybe she is jealous.
After all the morning rush she has to witness, all she got was a few hours left alone in the house, less time to play, less attention given.
Even with the daily walks, it sure seem paltry compared to the heaps of attention bestowed on the Little One. Especially when the said walk usually serve a dual purpose of exercising both the Kid and the Dog.
I suppose we are still figuring this out. In the meantime, the Dog continues to act.
Running away and getting dirty every chance she got.
Oo, she's getting LOTS of shower nowadays.

Waiting for shower. Can't you see the mud on her coat?

Her latest victim? Ha, my brush.

Half-chewed brush, courtesy of the Dog
Oh dear.
Well, wish us luck. In the meantime, Mama needs to repeat this mantra.
Close the bathroom door when you leave. Close the bathroom when you leave.

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