Monday, February 7, 2011

Night time happenings...

(This post wouldn't have been possible without GramPa, who had kindly provided Mama the tool to take such beautiful photograph. Thank you GramPa!)

Baby in Bed

If you ever notice the blog background, you might notice some degree of similarity to Kecil's quilt on her bed. Indeed, the choice for the background was somewhat made because of that similarity. Somehow, it just felt appropriate. Especially given the amount of time (and patience... and effort) spent at this spot...

It's part of our daily routine, these nightly happenings.
As Mama approaches the end of her energy, or her patience, it is usually with gratefulness we will go to this spot, where we would plonked ourselves (or, rather, Mama will), get the necessary set up ready, and start the wait for the 'falling-asleep' moment.
As you might be able to see, this moment is not complete without the Mama laptop (on which will play Kecil's favourite Baaa), a full bottle of milk, and maybe some soft toy of choice.
Hidden from sight would be Mama's 'supplies' for the wait: a book, maybe some crocheting, and a sturdy pillow to lean on.

There was a time when timing for bed depends on the clock on the wall, and Mama roughly calculating the remaining waking hours.
While the rough calculations still continue up till today, nowadays, there are times when Kecil would readily 'inform' Mama that it is time for bobo, or sleep (She has mastered both words, and also understood that the meaning is the same).
There are times when she's on the spot, and she fell asleep not long after we hit the bed, but there are also times when she's way off, and Mama became a hostage on the bed for a long long time before she finally drifted off.

Last night, fortunately, it was the case of the former, where she fell into deep slumber just minutes after she hit the pillow. And as Mama left to refill the bottle of milk, here's what she came back to find:

Sleeping doggie on the Bed!
Oh well... I guess it was a warm spot, especially when the house gets cold with the air conditioning on at night.

 Sleeping together 
Disclaimer: This Mama would like to assure you that Kecil's bed is not in fact the spot of choice for the Dog to sleep in. The Dog actually prefers Daddy's, but I guess she usually waits until the bed is occupied and warm.

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