Thursday, February 17, 2011

must be nice to be little....

Notice the sudden sleuth of sleeping baby lately?
Ahem.. yeah, thought so. There was this, this, this... oh... this one too, and of course, GrandMa's favorite.
And those are just from this month alone! Not inclusive of those older posts (trust me, you'll find many more)

But, well... she makes such a beautiful subject while sleeping, I simply can't resist
And therefore, just for the fun of it, we'll just go the whole lock, stock and barrel, just for today...
Then we will try to focus on other things for the rest of the month..
No promises, though.

In the mall
Oh, and before I forgot, this post is also inspired by a comment from Daddy.
The other day, after a long, tiring day, Kecil simply fell asleep in the car, on Mama's lap.
And Daddy said, isn't it nice to be little? You can sleep just almost anywhere.
Indeed, Daddy, indeed.
And it doesn't take a lot of things. Sometimes just a pram, a bottle of milk, Mama's arm... and she's good.

In the airplane, half standing up
On the sofa, half sitting up

On the bear
And some other older photos, maybe previously never shared....

On the bed, a once-upon-a-time favorite position
In Mama's arm, just recently bald
In the car, in Mama's arm
And a side note, just for all of you doubting Thomas out there, these are all photos of the same baby, the baby that I have always talked about here. She did look THAT adorable back then, as she still does right now.

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