Friday, February 4, 2011

Eating in progress...

Sometimes it feels as if I turn back and suddenly Kecil had mastered a new trick, a new hobby, a new something.
This weekend, I turned back, and just suddenly realize that Kecil had grown quite a love for various junkfood, especially the kind that can be eaten by hand.
Like pizza
And burgers (even those which are bigger than her tiny mouth)
And cheese rings

Ugh, I think we need to stock better food at home.
And I suppose Mama can't get lazy to cook too often.

Lesson learnt.

And just some vintage photos to go along:

Eating pasta on her baby chair
Ah, the baby chair.
She outgrew it pretty quickly, not because she got too big to go in,
I think she did not like the fact that she can't get in/out by herself
Plus, she wanted to be with the adults on the table, on a proper chair

On the table
Oh, dear. Did I say ON the table? I guess I did.

Messy eater
Definitely ON the table. Need to work on the manners, here, Bad Mama!

(Ahem, this Mama happy to report, though, that Kecil actually is quite amenable to sitting on the chair during meals. It's just that Mama does not have a good pic of that currently. Hehe...)

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