Wednesday, February 16, 2011

learning from the Little One

Some days might feel like it is totally not your day,
Things do not go well, refuse to be fixed no matter how hard you try,
Uncomfortable, sad, hazy, sleepy.... Ugh!

And you feel like crying...
Turn back in time to that moment in childhood,
When a kiss and a hug can make everything well and good once again

Instead, because you are no longer a kiddo,
You just have to slog on, carry on, persevere, be strong
Although secretly, all you want to do is SCREAM!!!

(ahem, like this...)

(Oh, dear)

Well... just take it slow. Take a deep breath. Focus on one thing at a time.
Just remember.... THIS, too, will pass.
Just be patient, turn to that deep well of peace within you, and  you know you can do it.
And if you really can't, a good rest might be in order, just so you can recharge
Regain your energy, your focus...
and maybe, just maybe, the world would look somewhat better at the other side of the tunnel.

Good luck!

This is dedicated to all of you who are maybe having some hardship, crazy working hours, crazy people at work. Whatever crazyness the world throw at you, do remember that somewhere out there, this Little Girl is also learning, to cope, to persevere, to live....
We all have these days once in a while. Go on. It's OK to scream. And don't forget not to ignore yourself. Take care. We hope that we've managed to bring a smile in the midst of crazy days. Love.

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