Tuesday, February 22, 2011

THE photo

Kecil's Skool conducted a school photo session a while back, the result of which we finally received this week.
It was a real cause for joy, around here, no little part due to Kecil's reaction to the Photo.

She, ah, recognize clearly herself, especially in the individual photo,
And had immediately staked a claim of ownership to the said article,
Much to the ... despair of Mama, who was already thinking of logistics of sharing the article with the rest of the family back home.
Kids, as you all know, are not the gentlest creatures when it comes to most inanimate object
A sheet of photo?
Oh... it can be torn, folded, drooled upon...
And all these can happen before I get to show it to the family?
Oh no, Kiddo, you're gonna get this Mama murdered.

So, the photos was instantly framed upon reaching home using some spare frames Mama happen to have. Voila!

Framed and placed at its own place of honor
The story did not end there, as Kecil re-staked her claim, and chose a place of honor for the said framed picture of herself!

So... if I move back a bit from the photo to give you a better view of the 'place of honor', here's what I get:

THIS is where it's going to be, Mama, and it's staying here
The frame is right next to the staircase, just about her height, all 94cm of her. Yup!

And next to it?
Apparently the installation also came with a little demon who would prevent pesky Mama's from trying to move the frame. Ahem.
She can think ahead, that kid.
I have to admit that.

Maybe this one below will give you a better perspective?
See the little Demon? She's so not budging anywhere, I tell you!

And this is after I took that first picture up there of the frame.
Mama got shoo-ed away. Hmmm....

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