Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Kecil at the door
I think I must have turned my back way too long. Wasn't this baby just crawling yesterday?
Honestly! At the very least, since when did she manage to get a good grab of door knobs & handles and start playing with doors & locks & such?

Which reminds me, oh dear, I'd better get that set of master keys in some hidden yet convenient location. Just in case somebody get locked in some room or other.
And always a set of keys when we are out of the house, even in the yard. Just in case.

As for the title nooniink?
Ahem, yeah, nowadays Mama would get locked in Kecil's bedroom (as per her highness' instructions, of course), Kecil would close the door (with some difficulty - she hasn't quite mastered the trick of twisting the doorknob while closing the door), stay out for a while, then burst through the door while greeting Mama "Noooniink!"

No clue yet?
That must have been inspired by Mama waking her up every morning. Haha.

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