Sunday, February 6, 2011

little shepherd girl... a story

umm... whittling?
The Little Shepherd girl sat down on a rock one day, and whittled a flute under the afternoon sun...

Hmmm... testing?
 As the flute came to be, Little Shepherd Girl blew and tested her creation.
And a smile bloomed on her face to show her satisfaction of a job well done.

Playing for the... 'sheep'?
And she played for her charge, a gentle, kindly, old 'sheep' indeed, grazing to its heart's content...

Companionably resting
Till finally they both sat down and rest, after a day well spent in music and in each other's companion.

Mama's note: There are indeed times when I looked at these two and the phrase "anak gembala" came to mind. It must have to do with her clothing, both the baby and the dog's attitude. And seriously? The dog grazing soo does not help. Anyway, they make a cute couple. I do hope you enjoy the corny story. Hehehe.. this Mama is bad like that at times.

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