Monday, August 2, 2010

Logic with the Little One

Inspired by something I saw on a blog I visited,
I decided to try my hand again at watercolor, and also come up with something like an alphabet list for the Little One
She does not have any, you see, and I have not found any that strike my fancy,
So I figure something Mummy-made should be fine.

And then I got stuck trying to find words that start with particular alphabet, hmmmm....

I guess I can always try to copy some fancy alphabet list rather than think of my own,
But the again....
In the end, I decided to just start with words that the Little One is already familiar with.
So... here are the three that I've made and scanned, with what the Little One 'read' written as caption of the picture.

Do note, READ the caption!



Oh, and by the way, I know I have not used the blog for a long time, but I figure that this is a more effective way to tell THIS particular story. Don't you think? kekekekeke....
As usual, comments are most welcomed.


  1. Yay!!! Like your new blog post!! Lovely pictures!! Waaawuuuuu :)) :))

  2. Beautiful and very impressive.

  3. Waaaa.. Thank you for the comments!

  4. I love the little girl with the pink raincoat!!! =) heheheh..... beautiful ^^


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