Monday, April 13, 2009

In Holiday Mood

Mamy, I am going on holiday! Won't I be needing a hat, Mamy?

Can I bring my toys too, Mamy?

Mamy, I want to bring this one too!

Don't forget my towel, Mamy! That one too!

hm? I can't bring ALL my toys?

want to bring ALL! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! waaaaaaaaa! waaaaaaaa!

This little baby went to Thailand a few days later to visit her aunt. Mamy and Daddy did not come along. But thanks to Eyangs for taking her along to Phuket where she had lots of fun, we all like to believe, apart from a few insect bites and skin a shade darker than it used to. Photos of the holiday are still in the process.

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